Allos in brief

Allos is the most versatile web based call centre software on the market. Allos does all the tricks that you need to have for making a professional telemarketing. We do provide the tools - you provide the skills.

Call monitoring

Listen to your agents calls real time or afterwards from records.

Realtime analysis

See how diligent your agents are, how much sales they have etc.

Your lists

Just upload the Excel spreadsheet of customers and start calling them.

Editable reports

Have them just the way you like it on the screen or on Excel.

Shift management

Manage the shifts of employees easyily.

Management info

See the working hours versus profit and make your decisions.

Order confirmations

Sent ones, automatically by sms or email.


Allos was designed to work without any hi-end hardware. You only need a computer with a headset and a stable internet connection. Then you just start your favorite browser and you are ready to go. We recommend you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience, but any html5 compatible browser will be ok.


For flexible amount of users
  • 70€ / phone line
  • Unlimited users
  • All features
For heavy call centre use
  • Unlimited phone lines - unlimited usage
  • Unlimited users
  • All features

Allos around the world